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The real result is making a change in their life or that they are walking out of my office feeling better. I want to meet 100% of my patients’ expectations. Dr. Manjunath Nathan is a board-certified internal medicine physician with privileges at Yuma Regional Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona.

Dr. Manjunath Nathan from the Arizona Medical Center: Dementia Overview | Prague Post

According to the latest findings, an estimated four to five million people in the United States have dementia. Luckily, this number has slowly been dropping as medicine progresses and new treatment methods are discovered. Regardless, the quantity of people affected by the condition is still very high.

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Dr. Manjunath Nathan is a physician with privileges to see patients at the Yuma Regional Medical Center. He opened his own solo-practice, the Arizona Medical Center, in Yuma, Arizona where he serves his patients. Dr. Nathan attended high school in Lancaster, California.

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