Insurance Accepted

Arizona Medical Center accepts several types of insurance. Unexpected medical expenses can become costly, particularly if an emergency medical situation arises for you or your loved ones. It is important to make sure that you are insured in the event of an emergency. We have provided a list of all insurance providers that we accept…

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About Us – Arizona Medical Center

Welcome to the Arizona Medical Center

The Arizona Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona, opened in 2006. Since that time, the practice of medicine has evolved, due to new treatments, procedures, and surgeries. Unnecessary regulations, paperwork, insurance and bureaucratic delays burden basic life-saving medicine. You may experience a situation whereby the medical clinic you’ve visited for years has been taken over by big hospitals or organizations due to increased regulations. When big businesses take over your doctor’s office, they dictate everything. This includes same-day appointments, time spent with the patient, and so on. We focus on patient care and a good outcome.

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In our opinion, the relationship between primary care doctor and patient does not “change.” Rather, it “grows” as we journey through life together. Working for amazing people, our patients, some for more than a decade, is a privilege. We believe in putting medical science through a practical sense filter on an individualized basis. By doing this, we can provide advice and prevent illness. We can help our patients heal when illness occurs. We can also provide comfort when a recovery cannot be achieved.

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