Meet Dr. Manjunath Nathan

Dr. Manjunath Nathan, MD, FACP, is an active member of the Yuma Regional Medical Center Hospital Medical Staff and Arizona Medical Center since 2006. Dr. Nathan is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and has been board certified and recertified in Internal Medicine since 2005. Currently, Dr. Nathan is active in the American College of Physicians. Dr. Nathan attended the Maharashtra Institute of Medical Since and Research, India. He did his internship and residency at North Shore University Hospital. He completed Fellowship at the University of Sothern California.

Dr. Manjunath Nathan is licensed by the National Board of Medical Examination in the state of Arizona. He is also certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

It is an amazing privilege to care for others as a career. In doing so, I aim to become a partner with patients, building continued relationships, providing comprehensive care, and making myself available at times of need, including same-day appointments. This construct includes an emphasis on patient-centeredness, promotion of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention, recognition of the context of illness, evidence-based decision making, and a family focus. As a physician, I am trusted with the tremendous responsibility of another’s health–a covenant that I do not take lightly. Together with my patients, we will strive to prevent and manage illness. If the needs of care should extend outside the bounds of my capabilities, it is incumbent upon me to readily recognize the need for escalating care or specialty referral, and to help my patients navigate our complex, evolving healthcare field.

— Dr. Manjunath Nathan

Dr. Manjunath Nathan: Awards & Recognition

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