COVID-19 Vaccine in Yuma, AZ

The 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been posing health and economic problems since December 2019. The worst part is that various studies predict physical and mental consequences if nothing is done. In these types of nefarious pandemics, what can help is a vaccination campaign. With that in mind, experts at Pfizer and Moderna have worked days and nights to develop a vaccine tested for safety by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Pfizer’s vaccine is administered as two 30-microgram doses given 21 days apart for people 16 and older. On the other hand, Moderna’s vaccine is administered as two 100-microgram doses given 28 days apart in 18 and older people (Levenson, 2020).  Because both Pfizer’s and the Moderna-BioNTech vaccine have demonstrated the same efficacy levels of near 95% against COVID-19,  the CDC highly recommends them to the Americans (CDC, 2020). Thus, people in Yuma, Az, including Healthcare personnel and Residents of long-term care facilities, are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible. For, “prevention is better than cure.” Always discusses with your family doctor before you receive the vaccination. See if you’re a candidate for this vaccination by calling your primary care doctor in Yuma. If you are a patient of Dr. Manjunath Nathan at Arizona Medical Center you may call us at (928)328-8393.


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